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Rent a Bicycle

Experiencing the vineyards from the seat of a bicycle is undoubtedly one of the most fun things to do while visiting Napa Valley! As you pedal past rows of vineyards, you’ll enjoy an invigorating sensory experience that simply cannot be achieved from the inside of a car.

Napa Valley Bike Tours is conveniently located across the street from the Lodge and rents bikes along with a guide in small groups. Your tour group (limited to a maximum of 12 guests) will be led by a local, knowledgeable guide who is there to enhance your education of the “vineyard-to-bottle” process. Before you get rolling, your tour guide will ensure that you’re completely comfortable with the fit and handling of your bike. Within the first mile or so, you’ll find the pace of their guided bike tours is definitely catered to casual tourists.

With a casual pace and frequent stops at wineries along the way, the emphasis is on enjoying the scenery and discovering boutique and family-owned wineries along the way. A highlight of your day will be enjoying a catered picnic lunch at a winery overlooking the vineyards.  Get out and experience the vineyards up close, engaging all five of your senses to create memories you’ll never forget!

Napa Valley Bike Tours can be reached at 707-251-8687 for reservations or we are happy to assist you.