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Get Above it All in a Hot Air Balloon

The award-winning Napa Valley Balloons, Inc. has been flying hot air balloons over the Napa Valley for over 31 years. They have FAA-certified pilots and aircraft, a professional staff and an outstanding safety record with thousands of satisfied adventurers experiencing the pleasure of hot air ballooning every year.

The experience starts by welcoming you at their pre-dawn check-in with coffee, an assortment of teas and pastries, whole fruit and juice. After a brief pilot orientation, you are taken to their launch site, where you are greeted by a bustle of activity including the hum of the inflator fans, the lively colors of their state-of-the-art balloons and the roar of the burners. Then, gently, the balloon lifts into the early morning breeze that peacefully carries you above corridors of grapes and between the mountains of one of the most magnificent valleys on Earth. From tree tops to magnificent panoramic views, your experienced and knowledgeable pilot welcomes questions from you and fellow adventurers pointing out local points of interest and the Valley’s extraordinary beauty.

Once you’ve landed and earthbound again, your flight is celebrated with Napa Valley’s finest sparkling wines and a breakfast buffet at Domaine Chandon’s Etoile restaurant.

For reservations, please contact Napa Valley Balloons at 800-253-2224 or we are happy to assist.